COVID-19 Vaccine Pre/Post

Dr. Raby’s Pre/Post COVID Vaccine Vitamin Support Protocol*

Resources: where/how to get your vaccine:

  • Walgreens, CVS, Target pharmacies
  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital

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What to take to support your immune system: see Dr. Raby’s COVID prevention recommendations at Dr Raby's COVID Recommendations

  • Sleep 7-9 hours per night
  • Exercise
  • Stress reduction
  • Water hydration and green tea
  • Diet- no sugar, no synthetic sugars, no processed foods, avoid coffee and alcohol

To better tolerate the COVID Vaccine and Optimize your Immunity in order to minimize adverse reactions:

  1. Daily Supplements to support immunity
    1. Megaspore probiotic 1/day with food or Orthobiotic probiotic 1/day with food.
    2. Monopure fish oil (store in freezer if possible) 1/day with food.
    3. Vit d3 2000 – 5000 IU/day with food (check your recent labs for dosing). Always take with a healthy fat.
    4. Zinc 20mg 1/day with Copper 2mg 1/day with food.
    5. Stress B-Complex 1/day with food or Kpax 4/day with food.
    6. Vit C Xymogen Bio C 1:1 2000mg/day with food (may cause loose stool)
    7. Transfactor Multi-Immune 2/day with food
    8. Whole leaf organic green tea 4-6 cups/day


Pre/Post COVID Vaccine Support: 3 days pre-vaccine, day of vaccine and 3 days post vaccine

  • Vit D3 (Thorne) – 20,000 IU/day with food
  • Vit A (Xymogen Xcellent A) – 100,000 IU/day 4 pills/day (Xymogen) with food
  • NAC (Xymogen) 600 mg 2 pills/day with food
  • Green Tea (organic whole leaf) 4-6 cups/day or Green Tea capsules (Xymogen) 1/day w/food
  • Monopure fish oil (Xymogen) keep in freezer 1/day with food
  • Megaspore probiotic or Orthobiotic probiotic 2/day with food
  • Transfactor Multi-Immune 2/day with food

Day Before Vaccine:

  • No Ibuprofen – Aleve, Motrin, Aspirin, Tylenol, etc
  • No hot shower 2 hours before vaccine

Day of Vaccine:

  • No NSAIDs 2 hours after vaccine
  • No alcohol (and for 7 days post)
  • No strenuous exercise
  • No hot shower after


  • Healthy Host (you), Healthy WBCs (white blood cells), Healthy Vaccine Response
  • Continue with 3 Ws
    1. Wear your mask
    2. Wash your hands
    3. Watch your social distancing
  • Note, you are still able to contract COVID-19 and infect others despite the vaccine. The vaccine will decrease your risk of subsequent inflammation, hospitalization, and severe disease.


*these recommendations and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. At no time do these recommendations take the place of the individual recommendation and evaluation provided by your licensed medical doctor or healthcare provider.