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Online Classes to help stay healthy during this time of sheltering

Online Classes to help stay healthy during this time of sheltering

Greetings from Dr. Raby and everyone at the Raby Institute.

As the Sheltering in Place mandates continue, it becomes increasingly important to maintain your physical and mental health and keep your immune system strong while in quarantine.

We are offering online classes via Zoom Video Conferencing to help with managing and improving your overall health during this time.

These 1-hour classes are focused on topics relevant to the time and will be presented by Dr. Katherine Chavez, ND and Dr. Theri Griego-Raby, MD.

Following is a list of the classes offered. Feel free to sign up for one or all. Classes are normally covered by insurance, however, the per class price is $50 without insurance. Call to register 312-276-1212.

Conference room with wooden ceiling pattern, fluorescent lights, and a white table surrounded by chairsOur online group health classes are a unique way to learn about a specific health topic—how a body system or organ functions, health risks associated with it, and what you can do to stay as healthy and strong as possible. Not only do you get an education, but learning with a group gives you the benefits of emotional support, motivation, and enriching discussion.


Current class offerings:

Stay tuned for our August online courses, which will be coming soon...

All classes require registration.  Anyone interested is welcome. Please call us at (312) 276-1212 for more information.


Raby Institute patients' insurances are accepted.   If you're paying out of pocket, the cost of the course is $50.