Nokabox Pill Organizer Long Green

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Nokabox weekly pill organizer


Meet the Nokabox. From planners to last minute-ers, athletes, patients, and travelers, we worked with people who need to take care of their health, makes things happen, and look great while doing it.

Capacity: Each drawer will hold 12 aspirin-sized tablets, 3 large vitamins, or 1 fish-oil pill.

Dimensions: 6.3in x 2.2in x 1.2in

Materials: BPA free ABS plastic, Neodymium magnets, Canvas or Cork or Vegan leather

Easy to use

You can slip out individual pills with your finger, or remove the drawer completely and tip the pills into your hand.


No more searching for pills at the bottom of your bag! The magnetic drawers are designed for life on the go.

Classy & Discreet

From the gym to the office to the coffee shop, the fabric wraparound case blends seamlessly into your life.